Monday, March 20, 2017


Petra doesn't normally wear any make-up. Reason for that is that she finds it a bit too complicated. It's difficult to start if you haven't put any make-up for years - in Petra's case for 15 years.

Looking fresh & clean gives boost for self-confidence and makes you look like having more energy as well. I offered my helping hand and created a new face for Petra. She has good genes - well, we are relatives! :D - and not too much coverage is needed. So fresh & clean it is!

Petra has a pretty good arsenal of make-up already, she just needs some encouragement and tips to start with.

Skincare is super important and unfortunately Petra has neglected taking care of her skin. It's very dry and has some impurities. She has now promised to pay attention on skincare - cleaning and moisturizing every morning and night, scrubing gently every week.

Petra has all those needed basic tools for natural make-up:

Foundation - evens the skin tone, makes the skin glow
Eyeshadow primer - creates a good base for eyeshadow
Highlight pen - easy to use, lightens the shadows, enchances the high points
Powder - hides the unwanted extra shine
Double eyeshadow - beige & brown creates a natural look
Eye pencil - sharpens & forms the eyes, with brown you can't go wrong (MAC)
Mascara - definitely sharpens the eyes, black it is!

For lips I applied some Clinique's Chubby Stick lip colour balm.

Not much needed but makes a noticeable difference, doesn't it?


(FI) Petra ei ole pahemmin meikkaillut - omien sanojensa mukaan 15 vuoteen. Hänen meikkipussistaan kuitenkin löytyi kaikki tarvittava luonnolliseen ja raikkaaseen meikkiin, joten päätettiin kokeilla ja lopputulos on juuri sitä mitä pitikin - luonnollinen ja huoliteltu.

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