Flower Magic: White Hyacinth

Sunday, November 19, 2017

friday flowers

Popped into Ikea to check the Xmas newbies and, of course, couldn't just pass their flower department without buying a couple of white hyacinths.

Some facts about white hyacinth

There're 3 popular species of the hyacinth - the litwinowwii, the transcaspicus and the orientalis. The hyacinth orientalis is the common garden hyacinth. Regardless of what species, the hyacinth is a toxic plant, so don't eat them

Beside of their loveliness, white hyacinths are known for their wonderful fragrance. That's why it's fondly used in an aromatherapy where essential oils are extracted from the white hyacinth. The oils have an intensified scent that helps soothe and calm nerves. 

For depressed persons, the white hyacinth oil can be used to battle depression. For the stressed, the aroma that these oils have is a de-stressor. For anyone who is tired physically and mentally, a soothing massage using the white hyacinth oil calms the body and mind.


(FI) Piipahdin Ikeassa katsastamassa joulu-uutuuksia enkä tietenkään pystynyt kulkemaan kukkaosaston ohi ilman että olisin ladonnut kärryyn muutaman valkoisen hyasintin.

Muutama fakta valkoisista hyasinteista

On olemassa 3 hyasinttilajiketta - litwinowwii, transcaspicus ja orientalis. Viimeksi mainittu on se meidän tuntema puutarhassa kasvava hyasintti. Lajikkeesta huolimatta, kaikki hyasintit ovat myrkyllisiä, joten älä syö niitä.

Valkoinen hyasintti tunnetaan paitsi kauneudestaan myös sen ihanasta tuoksusta. Tästä syystä sitä käytetään mielellään aromaterapiassa, jossa eteeriset öljyt uutetaan valkoisesta hyasintista. Öljyn tehostunut tuoksu auttaa rauhoittamaan sekä kehoa että mieltä.

Valkoisesta hyasintista uutettua öljyä käytetään masennusta vastaan. Tämä öljy toimii myös stressin helpottajana. Jos olet fyysisesti ja psyykkisesti väsynyt, hieronta hyasinttiöljyllä rauhoittaa .

white hyacinth

friday flowers

phi kozmetikum

This hydrating hand cream by Phi is my new favourite! It nourishes hands with shea butter, sour cherry seed oil and squalane oil. My hands feel so silky. And the scent is, of course, super lovely!

ps. Squalane oil: A saturated oil. It's formed when squalane undergoes hydrogeneration processing, which turns it into a stable, fully saturated oil with a long shelf life.

A bit more about Phi here!


Tämä kosteuttava käsivoide Phi'ltä on uusi suosikkini! Sheavoi, hapankirsikan siemenöljy sekä skvalaani-öljy ravitsevat käsien ihon. Iho tuntuu niin silkkiseltä. Ja voiteen tuoksu on tietenkin superihana!

ps. Skvalaani-öljy: tyydyttynyt öljy. Se muodostuu kun squalane käy läpi hydrogenointiprosessin, joka muuttaa sen stabiiliksi täysin tyydyttyneeksi öljyksi, jolla on pitkä säilyvyys.

Vähän lisää Phistä löytyy täältä!

Industrial Style by Vivre Deco Webshop

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

You might already know or heard of Vivre Deco webshop. Many of my clients in Hungary have ordered several pieces of furniture, rugs and smaller decor items there. Btw, this is not an ad nor have I received any money or gifts, but as I like it a lot, I just want to introduce it to everyone who is keen on interior design and decorating homes.

Monica Cadogan is the lady behind Vivre Deco webshop. She started the business is Romania in 2012. She wanted to bring nice, modern pieces to the market without high price tag. There's a wide variety of decoration items and quite many of them are for sale just for a limited time, so better be quick.

I receive Vivre's newsletter once a week and there's always something nice. This time I found their industrial style pretty tempting. Made some moodboards of my favourite items.

If you want to see more click here!

Does anybody know which other countries Vivre Deco webshop is available?

PS. Received a message from Irena behind One Point of View blog and she mentioned that Vivre is available also in Croatia and that she has an app for their webshop. Fantastic! 

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