Afternoon Tea With My Mother

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Signature Omorovicza Cake

We live in different countries - me & my mother. Fortunately these days it's so easy to keep in touch via whatsapp, facetime or skype. Even though it is almost like meeting when you are calling each other, it's not yet the same as meeting in person.

When mother arrived & visited me, I wanted to take her somewhere with a nice, relaxing yet sophisticated atmospehere.  
The former Meridien Hotel in Budapest is nowadays Ritz Carlton. In their Kupola Lounge they serve afternoon tea daily from noon until 5pm. Sometimes there's a special theme for these tea sessions like now when I went there with my mother. The afternoon tea was in collaboration with a Hungarian luxury beauty brand called Omorovicza.

The menu was wonderful:

Omorovicza inspired welcome drink was made of coriander, peach liquire, lemon, Simple syrup & tonic. So refreshing and tasty!

Savoury bites
Smoked salmon croissant
Mini cucumber & cream cheese toast
Foie gras & dry fruit chutney

Sweet bites
Signature Omorovicza cake
Royal Ocoa chocolate cake
Framboise cake
Paprika & plum chutney macaroon
Apricot macaroon
Gourmet muffins
Mini lemon merengue tart

Teas were from my favourite tea shop Zhao Zhou.

White - Yue Guang Bai 2015
Green - Kabusecha Hougyoko 2016
Oolong - Green Dancong Autumn 2015
Black - Red Dancong 2014
Black - Himalayan Orange 2015
Puer - Da Xue Shan 2016

My mother chose the white one and I took Puer tea. Both were lovely. Although it would have been perfect if we could have chosen all these teas like in a tea tasting - for certain cakes and savouries there would have been offered certain teas.

Welcome drink - Only Omorovicza

zhao zhou tea

Gábor Tálos is the man behind Zhao Zhou. “For a great tea moment we need good company, we should allocate time for that, and of course we should take care to select the right quality of tea. What is also important is to consider how the different type of teas should be handled: different temperatures of water, different steeping times, etc. These all determine our tea experience. So preparations are the key to create the best tea moments.” 

“When it comes to desserts and tea, it is essential to find the balance between the strength of tea and the flavour of cakes. In general we can match tea and dessert based on their colours: white and green tea are great with lightsome cakes, while darker teas make perfect match with chocolate desserts, like Ocoa Royal Chocolate Cake.”

My mother

We had such a wonderful afternoon sipping tea, eating cakes, taking a lot & enjoying the lovely atmosphere.  Living in a different countries, these kind of moments have become so important - what could be better than spend time with your family & friends.

Goodie bag with Omorovicza beauty surprises!

SMUG In London

Monday, February 19, 2018

camden passage

We all know that if you are tired of London, you are tired of life. That is so true - there're always new things to explore. Almost always when in London I stay in Islington, so I'm familiar with Camden Passage. This pedestrian alley is a little bit off the beaten track but full of fascinating independent businesses - boutiques, cafes & restaurants. Here's one of them called SMUG.

SMUG was opened 8 years ago by design guru Lizzie Evans. She grew up in Islington so it was natural for her to open her business here in North London. In the shop they sell everything from homeware to furniture and accessories. There's also a cafe downstairs, which makes it really pleasant to browse.

SMUG in English usually means self-satisfied and superior, but Lizzie had an old illustarated dictionary and the traditional definition means 'to smarten up' or 'to transform', so she found it a good name for a shop full of beautiful things.


Kaikkihab on kuullut sanonnan, että jos ihminen on kyllästynyt Lontooseen, on hän kyllästynyt elämään. Pitää niin paikkanasa. Lontoosta löytyy joka kerta jotain uutta katsottavaa ja koettavaa. Islington Pohjois-Lontoossa on tullut tutuksi vuosien varrella. Niinpä myös siellä sijaitseva Camden Passage on tuttu kuja. 

Aavistuksen syrjässä pääreitin varrella sijaitsevalla kodikkaalla kävelykadulla on paljon kiehtovia pikkuputiikkeja, kahviloita ja ravintoloita. Yksi tälleinen on nimeltään SMUG.

Desing guru Lizzie Evans perusti SMUG-liikkeensä 8 vuotta sitten. Islingtonissa kasvaneelle Lizzielle oli luonnollista avata oma putiikki juuri tässä kaupunginosassa. Kaupassa on niin paljon kaikkea ihastuttavaa pikkutavaroista huonekaluihin. Alakerrasta löytyy myös pikkukahvila.

Englanninkielessa SMUG tarkoittaa omahyväistä ja ylempiarvoista, mutta Lizzie löysi vanhasta kuvitetusta sanakirjasta, että sana tarkoittaa myös jonkinlaista viisastumista ja muuntautumista. Mikäpä olisi parempi nimi kaupalle, joka on täynnä kauniita tuotteita.

islington smug

london shopping

london shopping

camden passage london

islington shopping

13, Camden Passage
Islington, London

"The interesting thing about London is that there are always stylish surprises around every corner."
-Natalie Massanet-

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