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Thursday, July 19, 2018

my home

Viihdytkö omassa kodissasi? On se paikka jossa tunnet olevasi turvassa? Pystytkö kuvittelemaan tilannetta, ettei sinulla olisi mitään paikkaa minne mennä? 

Meillä joilla on koti pidämme sitä helposti itsestään selvyytenä, mutta näin ei kuitenkaan ole ihan kaikilla. Olen viime aikoina kuullut parikin stooria siitä miten rankkaa on olla koditon. Kun ei tiedä mihin mennä nukkumaan seuraavaksi yöksi. Ainainen stressi siitä löytääkö turvallisen paikan missä nukkua. Ikuisuuksiin ei voi olla kavereiden luona, autossa voi nukkua muutaman yön, mutta pidemmän päälle se alkaa olla todella ankeaa. Ulkopuolisuuden tunne ja se ettei kuulu oikein mihinkään eikä voi rakentaa elämää eikä nähdä tulevaisuutta. Mistään ei voi nauttia, kun kaikki energia menee hengissä pysymiseen.

Se, että kotini on sekamelska eri tyylejä, ei haittaa. Se on kuitenkin koti ja paikka jossa itse viihdyn. Omannäköiseni paikka täynnä kerroksellisuutta. Huolella valittuja tavaroita ja esineitä. Kaikki ei välttämättä sovi yhteen, mutta ei sillä niin väliä - ei kaiken tarvitse olla aina niin täydellistä.

Tiedän täysin mitä tarkoittaa Ikean mainos 'ihana olla kotona'.

Nyt on taas se aika vuodesta kun asuntomessut ovat käynnissä. Lähden siis Poriin tutustumaan vastarakennettuihin koteihin, hakemaan inspiraatiota ja aistimaan uusia tuulia.

living room

my home

my home

my home

Find Your Own Way To Feel Good

Monday, July 16, 2018

The first thing you will notice when you meet Tiina, is her kind and smiley face, beautiful warm green eyes and the good posture she has - these were the things I noticed straight away when I first met her. She also has a nice, clear and calming voice when she explains about well-being, health products and gives tips for healthy eating.

1. What does well-being mean for you?

For me it means physical & mental balance. The way to this balance is to combine nutrition, rest and excercise together with the mental side. All of these are hardly ever in total harmony at the same time, but the aim is to work for achieving that balance as well as possible.

2. When and why did you become interested in well-being and started searching more information on it?

I didn't feel well. I was a 20-year old student and had such a bad health issues. When driving a car and hitting a bump, I was crying out aloud because it caused such a horrible pain in my stomach. I slept twelve hours a nigh plus took naps in the afternoons. 

It was one nutrition lecture that basically changed my life. The point was that you cannot always take away something from your body but add essential minerals in optimal composure. 
I got a kind of enlightenment and wanted to know more about minerals and how they work in our body.

3. What is your opinion on food supplements?

Almost everyone of us needs suppliments, because food is no more the same as it used to be. Our food is too processed and not so nutritious any more. Our bodies need help in absorbing the essential ingredients.

4. What comes to well-being, what do you suggest that we should do to pay more attention on daily base?

We should take the responsibility and be more conscious of our well-being. We should look for the right solutions for ourselves, everyone is individual. We are a complete package, so do not neclate your body. 
There is always a reason for a headache, stomache etc. so don't just take a tablet to get rid of the pain, but try to find out what is causing these symptoms.

5. What is your daily diet like? 

Some time ago I was in Thailand and joined a retreat which main idea about food was that we need it to stay alive. That kind of changed my relation to food. For me food is a pleasure. I love to cook and be creative with the recipes. Food on the plate should look delicious and beautiful.

Over the past years I have followed different sort of diets, but found out that the best diet for me is based on vegetables, fish, eggs and goat milk products. I have found a balance and there're no more overreactions. Of course, a piece of dark chocolate is included on my diet.

6. Which are the ingredients that give you energy for your body and mind?

For me it is super important to be outside and get fresh air. Hiking in the montains and walking in the woods are my favourite hobbies. Practising yoga and relaxing are part of my daily routines. A good night's sleep is essential. I get so much positive energy by helping others, and that's why I love to work in customer care. 

Animals, especially dogs are part of my life. At the moment I have two dogs Nero 9 years and Fidel 8 years. They give me so much joy and happiness. I have set up association and shelter home for rescue dogs (Espanjan koirat ry).

When I need some extra pick-me up I add some maca-powder to my smoothie or take a  capsule of ashwagandha.

7. Is there something you would still like to improve - personally and professionally?

I want to improve, learn and educate myself on every sector of well-being. I know that this is a field which is never completed. There's always coming up new researches, tests and information. At the moment I would like to learn more about bioresonance and be able to give bioresonance therapy.

Personally I want to improve my concentration skills and memory. One important thing that I'm still missing is to learn to say 'no'. The problem is that there are so many nice things I would like to join and go with, but I need to take more care about myself and learn to know my limits.

Tiina's message is quite clear - we should all find our own way to feel good by listening to our body and mind.

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