Going Nude

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

 Read on Linda's blog about this new nude lipstick and of course, I had to be a copycat and went & bought it straight away...

 The lipstick is from the new MAC Mineralize collection and 
it's hydrating the lips as well as it's easy to apply.

 I went to MAC store without any make up... 
The sales assistant asked me if I'd like to try the lipstick 
to see how it looks on me - great idea 
but without any other make up on it would't look good
 so i refused. 
She said she could add some hydrating powder, 
a hint of blush and mascara on me before the lipstick.
Oh, after that the nude shade looked perfect!
And so did the blush in natural shade.

Mac Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Luxe Naturale.

Mac's Powder Blush in Harmony.
Nice natural sun-kissed shade.


  1. This is great in the blog world :) It's all about inspirations!

  2. Voi mä näytän nude väri huulilla ihan kuolleelta ruumiilta! Ei sovi mulle!

    1. No, mulla yleensä sama juttu! Mutta tämä väri ei tee ainakaan mun huulille sellaista peitepuikkoefektiä.

  3. I bought the Posters you asked about here

    / Pernilla


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