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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Visited the Wine Society's wine shop 
on Lanchid utca the other day. 
Really surprised how good the place looked!

A huge selection of Hungarian wines. 
Also a pretty nice selection of wines from other wine countries.

A bit of history:


Two young men, Tom Howells and Péter Molnár, 
launch the Budapest Wine Society, 
which becomes a popular meeting place for Hungarian and Budapest-based foreign wine lovers. 
In September, 26-year-old Attila Tálos joins them. 
Péter draws up the first logo next to a glass of spritzer 
and the handcrafted wines of two winemakers, 
Attila Gere and József Bock, appear in the selection. 
Szepsy is also sold but due to the strictness of the paperwork, only from under the counter.

The Bortársaság logo saying 
"Everything is fine, the wine is delicious" 
can be read on a dozen cars in Budapest 
and around the country. Bortársaság's turnover is 2.5 million bottles and it employs 55 people.

1013 Budapest, Lánchíd u. 5.

There's a wine bistro, Zona, next to the wine shop.
(took only a couple of pics of the interesting lighting in the ceiling...)


  1. This shop looks like a real wine heaven :)

    1. It's fantastic! I was so surprised when I first entered in it.


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