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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

 As mentioned earlier I read the newest book of my friend Jouko Heikura this weekend. The name of the book "Joki kaupungin alla" means something like "A River Below The City" and the city here is London.

I like Jouko's text, it's fluent and very informative.
Most of us have visited London, but I for example didn't know 
why Beefeaters are called that name, 
why slices of bread are called sandwich, 
from where HP-sauce got its name, 
how come London's nightlife district is called Soho,
why it's called Fleet Street?
Answers to all these questions are found in Jouko's book!

One of the most impressive chapter in Jouko's book is the one which tells about the atmosphere in a pub in 1996 during Euro96...
Another one is the one which describes the tension in Northern Ireland in the 90's... 
And the one where Rakel, the protagonist, is driving in Scotland...I just see it in my eyes like a film.

Jouko's first book "Mustien vuorten varjossa" starts the interesting trilogy.
Looking forward reading more of Rakel's adventures soon!

ps. do you know how Essex Girls look like? 


  1. Ihanaa! Voi tämä kirja on pakko saada lukulistalle, saattaa kiilata muutaman ohitsekin ;)

  2. Oletko siis lukenut ensimmäisenkin? Pitääköhän ne lukea järjestyksessä? :)

    1. Olen lukenut molemmat. Onhan se tietty kiinnostavampaa lukea kronologisessa järjestyksessä, mutta kumpikin kirjaa toimii myös itsenäisesti.


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