How To Choose The Right Gym For You?

Monday, February 13, 2017

How do you choose your gym? Is it the location, facilities, instructors or something else that matters for you when looking for the right gym?

I have had memberships for several gyms during my life. The reasons why I have chosen them have varied depending on my lifestyle and other various reasons. Here's a little list what you should consider when picking up the best possible gym for you:

  • Costs
    • what is your budget?
    • what does the fee include?
    • can you sign out easily?
  • Location
    • should it be near your home or work place?
    • easy access
  • Equipment
    • do they have those machines you like to use?
    • weight machines
    • cardio machines
    • stretcing area
    • weights, matts, pilates tubes etc.
  • Cleanliness
    • how clean does the space look?
    • what about the locker rooms and showers?
    • are there spray bottles and wipes to clean the equipments after use?
  • Hours of operation
    • is it open when you prefer to wotk out?
    • morning/evening hours?
    • weekends/holidays?
  • Classes
    • do they have group classes?
    • at what time are the classes?
    • do you need to pay extra fee for joining classes?
    • do they have that instructor you want to follow?
  • Personal trainers
    • is there someone you can ask how the machines work?
    • can they provide personal trainers?
    • do you need to pay extra fee for their services?
  • Facilities
    • how are the locker rooms?
    • showers?
    • sauna?
    • swimming pool?
    • shower gel, body lotion?
    • towels?
    • hair dryers?
    • drinks? snacks?
    • day care for kids?
    • does it have day light or is it below the ground level?
  • Membership privileges
    • do they offer something extra for members?

At the moment on the top of my list are:
  • costs - as low as possible
  • location - as near my home as possible
  • daylight - for me it's important that I can see outside
  • open 24/7
  • not too crowded
  • basic equipment for cardio and weight, good space for stretching
  • shower
So my choice is the simple gym above. Fitness Nro1 is a budget gym and works well for me. The gym below - Holmes Place - is a luxury gym. It has everything. Unfortunately it's a bit too costly for me and as it has a swimming pool and jaquzzi it also means that I would stay there longer as I love to a have a swim and relax in bubbles.

Here's a bit more about Holmes Place!

Which one is your choice - a simple gym or a luxury gym?


(FI) Tässä kaksi kuntosalia. Toinen on pelkistetty, mutta toimiva ja toinen on todellinen luksussali uima-altaineen, poreammeineen, kosmetiikkatuotteineen, vitamiinibaareineen...
Tämän hetkinen valintani on ylimmäinen eli simppeli sali, jossa ei ole ohjattuja tunteja eikä saunaosastoa, mutta toimivat laitteet, paljon luonnonvaloa ja auki vuorokauden ympäri. Aikaa ei kulu muuta kuin tehokkaaseen treenaukseen.

Kumpi olisi oma valintasi?

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