Playing With Spring Light

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Played with my camera and day light. 

Light can be cold & blueish or warm & redish, and anything in between. It's measured in Kelvins. Color balance is 3200k indoors and 5500k outdoors.

1700-1800k match flame
1850-1930k candle flame
2000-3000k sun at sunrise or sunset
2500-2900k househld Tungsten bulbs
3000k Tungsten lamp 500W-1k
3200-3500k quartz light
3200-7500k fluorescent lights
3275k Tungsten lamp 2k
3380k Tungsten lamp 5k, 10k
5000-5400k direct sun at noon
5500-6500k daylight (sun+sky), and sun through clouds, haze
6000-7500k overcast sky
6500k RGB monitor
7000-8000k outdoor shade areas
8000-10000k paetly cloudy sky 


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