A la Carte

Monday, August 29, 2011

 Aperatives in the hotel lobby
of La Contessa
 There was buffet dinner again
but asked if possible to have a la carte instead
- maitre d'hotel was surprised for the question,
"of course it's possible!"
- so it would have been possible every night,
but no-one told that...
 Beef carpacchio with pesto and grated parmesan
- excellent!
- absolutely perfect!
- great start for the Saturday dinner
 Roasted trout (pisztarang) with almonds
and vegetables
- the texture of the meat was very good,
and taste was good too
- pisztarang is a local fish from the nearby streams
- roasted vegetables were tasty and crispy,
but the creamy potatoes were too much
and they were actually sliced (very aldente)
potatoes with cheece

Would have taken some cheese and dessert as well
but nobody came to asked...
so after waiting for a while,
check, please! 
Gorgeous chandelier!

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