La Contessa

Monday, August 29, 2011

 The hotel manager told that
the building dates back to 17th century
- after the World War it was converted
to a hotel
and in 2009 it was opened as La Contessa Castle Hotel

My guess is that during the regime
the place was in rather bad condition
and divided into small spaces in Soviet style.
Probably the building was empty
for several years after regime
and finally sold - most likely -
to a foreign person or company
who made the it as it is today:
gorgeous palace

- the place is really made with style,
good materials, harmonious colours
- very much like being in Italy or Spain!

What makes the hotel Hungarian is the staff,
especially in the restaurant
-sometimes feels like being in Faulty Towers...
but that's not a negative thing
it just gives the place a Hungarian flavour

Another wedding car
- La Contessa is a fantastic place to have parties

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