Saturday, August 27, 2011

 Nice morning!
- after jogging and breakfast
felt like going to the pool area,
read a bit and just relax..
but instead went hiking
 On the way out of the hotel area
passed this wedding car
of Dori and Gabi
- fab, isn't it?

 So climbed up 4km
- the road was very easy though
 Marvellous view

 After 50mins reached the Millenniumi tower
- 612m above the sealevel
 View of Szilvasvarad
 The big red roof building
is La Contessa Hotel
 People having picnic next to the tower
 Even though the weather was very warm
enjoyed a lot walking up there
- the air felt so fresh
with different scents of wood and plants
 Time to go down
 Chose another way through the forest
- not so easy to go down deep paths,
quite slippery
 Lunch time!
- delicious chicken soup with vermiselli
 XXL size bowl of soup
Volgy etterem
Szalajka volgy
- good food, fast service
- some disturbing bees,
but they are everywhere now!

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