Abaco Neem

Friday, February 18, 2011

Abaco Neem products are all chemical-free
- made from the leaves and oil of the medicinal neem tree,
organically grown without the aid of pesticides in idyllic Abaco
- for centuries the neem tree,
a relative of the mighty mahogany,
was dubbed "The Village Pharmacy" in its native India,
because of the many medicinal and hygienic uses
derived from its antiviral and antibacterial,
wholesome (no side effects!) potency
- Nick Miaoulis, a native Bahamian who founded
and is the proprietor of Abaco Neem,
was introduced to neem by Mr. John Conrick,
the President of the Neem Association,
at a botanical show in Gainesville, Florida in early 1993.
he then did further research on neem through the University of Florida.
- he was immediately attracted to the plant's ability
to help control high blood pressure and diabetes,
two diseases common in his family
and prevalent in The Bahamas.
- in February of 1994 Mr. Miaoulis acquired 120 acres of land
near Casuarina Point, 14 miles south of Marsh Harbour,
and established a neem farm comprised of 7500 trees.

This body lotion is excellent!
- fresh mild scent,
soft pleasant texture, whch easily absorbs to the skin
These exfoliating cotton pads
that bought at Wallgreen's in Miami
are excellent too!

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