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Sunday, August 13, 2017

finnish desigh shop

Just a little post related to interior decor. Received a newsletter via email from Finnish Design Shop and this Tiara pattern by Marimekko caught my eye immediately, so I decided to go & check what is included to this collection. Found some other fascinating items as well...I just keep on dreaming.

Made also my very first collage in Photoshop. All my previous collages are made in PicMonkey, Polyvore or Olioboard. Still long way to go and need loads of practising.

Tiara which is design by Finnish Erja Hirvi at Marimekko has new colour combos and the pattern can be found in bedlinen, towels, fabrics and in a mug.

Which one would be your choice from Tiara - the pink or the black one?


(FI) Tässä ihan vaan pieni sisustukseen liittyvä postaus. Sain Finnish Design Shopilta mainoksen sähköpostiini ja heti pisti silmään Marimekon runsas ja herkullinen Tiara-kuviointi, joten päätin käydä katsomassa mitä kaikkea ko. sarjaan kuuluu. Samalla löysin muutaman muunkin kivan tuotteen... ainahan sitä saa haaveilla.

Samalla tuli tehtyä elämäni ensimmäinen kollaasi Photosopissa. Aikaisemmin olen väsännyt niitä PicMonkeylla, Polyvorella ja Olioboardilla. Vielä on hiomista asettelussa ja kuvien koon muokkaamisessa. 

Marimekon Erja Hirven suunnittelema Tiara on saanut uusia väriyhdistelmiä ja löytyy nyt lakanoissa, pyyhkeissä, kankaissa ja mukissa. 

Kumman Tiaran ottaisit - vaaleanpunaisen vai mustapohjaisen?



  1. Ever since we moved two years ago we still have boxes laying around here and there. I have never been into decoration but sometimes I do have cravings to DIY my furniture ect. But we are leaving for a ling term travel next year so there is no use because we will need to get rid off everything anyhow.
    And the pink one is my favorite!

    1. I think downsizing is a great thing even if you are not planning to travel. I love decorating but hate having too much stuff around.

  2. Tiara pattern is so lovely! I think I liked the black one more but the pink one would fit better in my room! I would definitely buy two since everything is better in pair.
    B, xx |

    1. I totally agree with you - two is always better than just one ;)

  3. I love these picks! The patterns on those cushions are so quirky; I'd love to have those on my couch! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Yes, the quirky pattern makes it so unique.

  4. Nice! These are great stuff, unique designs. I would love to have those pillows and lantern.. and all other stuff, there just so nice to include in a collection.


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