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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The political situation in Hungary is what it is, but at least the faux political Two Tailed Dog Party hasn't lost sense of humor. 

The Hungarian goverment is running a xenophobic campaign against migrants and a homophobic one is also in the making. The goverment's campaign includes several billboards in Hungarian - most likely the migrants and asylum seekers don't speak Hungarian, so the real target can only be Hungarians. 

The slogans on those billboards:

If you come to Hungary you can not take away the jobs of Hungarians!
If you come to Hungary, you must respect our culture!
If you come to Hungary, you must respect our laws!
The Two Tailed Dog Party collected over €100.000 for a billboard campaign to counter the goverment's one. Their slogans are in English. Here're some examples:

We are sorry about our Prime Minister!

Welcome to Hungary!
Closed on Sundays.

Come to Hungary!
We got jobs in London.

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