Step Outside To The Balcony (project part 7/7)

Monday, February 2, 2015

This is the final part of the project that made in the end of last year - the balcony.
Here it was the same as in the rooms inside - decluttering was the main thing. The colours of the walls are terracotta so decided to go with neutral hues with the furniture. The owner prefered darker tones instead of light ones. Covering the balcony rails was a must.

The balcony rails were covered with a plastic green net.

Replaced it with that same waterproof fabric as the cushions of the new couch have.

The balcony is pretty narrow but as it was the owner's wish, bought a rather big couch for it.

Before it was kind of a storage place.

At first it was a plan to have custom-made metal boxes for storing extra stuff and put cushions on them to have more seatings, but the price of those increased too high. The second plan was to have similar storageboxes made in wood, but the carpenter wasn't able to find proper wooden material in decent price so the third option, which was buying ready-made wooden boxes at Ikea, was finally the one that was used.

Ikea Applaro storage bench

Added some furs and lanterns, and now looking forward for spring & summer for adding plants & flowers, and a new BBQ.

1. part of the project: entrance
2. part of the project: restroom
3. part of the project: bedroom
4 part of the project: living area
5. part of the project: kitchen
6. part of the project: bathroom 

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