Wednesday, February 12, 2014

London Calling

 Arrived to Luton Airport last night, took the train to St Pancras, continued by Northern line to Angel and arrived to Islington.
Today the sky is grey but it's not raining, it's a bit windy but that doesn't matter. Let's go out to the patio. 
 Let's pass the mosaic art work there...
 …and take the steps up...
 …to the rooftop terrace.
 There's a nice view to St Mary's Church.

 You can see lots of roof tops there.
 On the other side of the terrace there's another kind of view.

Let's sit for a minute...

…and breathe the London air.
This is London!


  1. Hauska puutarha. Onko toi kaikki katolla?!?

    1. Kyllä! Asunnon katolla samankokoinen terde, aika hulppee kieltämättä.

  2. Nice, this is a different view of London. I love it. Greetings from Zurich.

    1. Thanks! London is so much more than the basic tourist attractions. It's nice dig a bit deeper to its beauty.


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