Let's Play With CC

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Everyone's talking about the CC creams so as my BB cream was all(most) finished decided to have a try on the Clinique's CC.

 The sales assistant at Arena Plaza's Clinique store chose me "light medium" shade. The cream gives UVA & UVB protection, hydrates the skin and gives a nice even colour to it.

 There was a catch...if I buy over a certain amount of money I will get a purse filled with mini samples...So, of course, I chose something else too: a long last glosswear in Guava Gold. 

The samples included mascara, blush, eye cream, facial cleanser, moisturizer and...

...a lipstick in "17 Rosette". A bit too dark & brownish for me, unfortunately.

Now I've tried the CC cream once and it really works. It gives a nice healthy glow to the face without making it greasy. It's oil-free. You can wear it alone or under foundation. I had it alone, didn't need any extra coverage.

ps. CC is the shortening of "Colour Control" or "Colour Correcting".


  1. I like CC cream too, mine is from Peter Thomas Roth. I am in LOVE with the Clinique longwear lip gloss. It is perfect consistency, and it stays!

    1. Have to buy & try that one next time when visiting Sephora!

  2. I still have to try out a CC, though I'm very happy with my current BB/ xx

    1. I've been very fond of BBs as well, but somehow this CC feels even better.

  3. Pitäisiköhän mun kokeilla tuota Cliniquen CC-voidetta? Olen ollut kovin tyytyväinen Vichyb BB-voiteeseen, mutta nyt alkoi kiinnostamaan tämä :). Kiitos hyvänkuuloisesta vinkistä!

    IHana sävy huulikiillossa! Mä olen metsästämässä huulikiiltoa ja tuo sävy vaikuttaisi kiinnostavalta, kun olen niin vaalea. Kauniin meikkipussukan sait ostoksistasi :)!

    Hyvää sunnuntain jatkoa Tibs!

    1. Kiitos ja oikein mukavaa sunnuntaita sinne Espanjan lämpöönkin!


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