Copper Tone

Friday, September 20, 2013

H&M Home was opened here in Budapest last week. Actually it wasn't just a home store it was a huge H&M with a corner of home items. The selection is not extremely wide, not as it's on web, but absolutely better than nothing. On my wish list, among the others, were the copper items. Bought 6pc tea candle holders and 2pc sequin cushions for the living room. Copper is a nice shade for the autumn, isn't it?

(I have covered the living room sofas with Ikea bedspreads...not looking very professional...I Just don't like the original creamy color of the sofas. Yes, I know, I should do some sewing job here...but for now that's how it looks).
Ps. didn't come home only with the copper items...


  1. Yes, perfect for the autumn :). Have a good weekend :)

  2. Thank you, Dana! Wish you a nice weekend, too!


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