A Castle Visit

Thursday, August 8, 2013

 Yesterday had a chance to visit Ari's Amadé-Bajyáth-Pappenheim castle in Iszkaszentgyörgy near Szekesfehérvar in Hungary.
Ari made us a private tour around the castle and told lots of interesting stories of the history of the place.

Some of the rooms have already been renovated and some Rococo and Classical frescos have been found underneath several layers of paint and wallpapers.

In the second floor Ari has an antique shop, every room represents a different era.

The huge park around the castle used to be a baroque garden, and one day it will be that again.

Pieces made by young Hungarian painter Maté Orr.

Has Princess Diana sat on this chair too?!!!

Ari has made a great job and has wonderful plans & ideas for the future. The place is perfect for art exhibitions and summer camps, concerts etc. 
Absolutely worth visiting!


  1. Sounds great! Loveparade your pictures! Greetings fromm Zürich ;-)

    1. Thank you! I like your Rhodos pics!

  2. Gorgeous plctures. I've always wanted to visit Hungary


    1. There are so much interesting history in this country!


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