Tiffany & Co.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

 Visited Tiffany's at Bal Harbour the other day...
Here's step by step what's inside the box:

 Tiffany Garden Butterfly sunglasses in tortoise.
 These gold-coloured daises with Austrian crystals
were the wow-factor that made me buy the glasses.
 Only black ones were in store, 
so the tortoise ones had to be ordered.
I was asked if I wanted them to be delivered to the door or would i come to pick them up at the store next day after 5pm.
Well, it's Bal Harbour so why not going there 
also the following day...
They called me already at noon that the glasses had arrived,
drove there straight away 
and popped into some other stores as well...
So happy with my new sunglasses!


  1. Oi miten kauniit! Ja tuo boxikin on ihanan virkistävä!

    1. Kiitos, Sofia! Tykkään kovin tosta Tiffanyn turkoosista.

  2. Ihanat! Tykkaan tuosta hienoisesta kissamaisuudesta :-) Mulla on ollu Tiffanyn silmalasipokat jo monta vuotta ja edelleen saan niista silloin talloin kehuja, mutta itseani kutittelisi jo vaihtaa..

    1. Kiitos! Silmälasit ala Tiffany kuulostaa upealta!


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