Key Accessory: Nails

Friday, March 1, 2013

I've been trying so many different combinations of colours,
but always coming back to red.

This pistachio green looked delicious...
...but not my favourite.
183 Pistachio by Mavala.
I was sceptic with this deep light blue. 
Not too bad.
374 Tropique by Mavala.

This season's number one for me:
228 Sparkling Violet by Mavala
I add these sparkles on top of every colour!
Essie's All In One is a new product for me.
It promises a lot:
- stronger looking and feeling nails
- smoother nails instantly
- shiny glossy top coat that lasts for days

Let's see how it works as a base and top coat.


  1. Love the blue, but I think that's because I'm wearing blue nails currently myself :). Tomorrow something new though, I think I'll opt for the classic French manicure after a long pause.

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. French manicure is always chic!

  2. Kivalta näyttää. Just lakkasin Tiffanyn turkoosiksi ja päälle Orlyn Diamond hilettä. Eli samoilla linjoilla ;-)


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