Thummerer Pince

Monday, August 29, 2011

 On the way back to Budapest on Sunday
popped into Thummerer Winery
in Noszvaj near Eger
 Got a small tour in the winery
 A Swedish group was coming
for wine tasting later in the afternoon
 A possibility to rent a place for your wines
in the cellar

 Bought some souvenirs there:
- Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
and Egri Bikaver Superior 2006
- 2006 was the best year for Eger region
for a long time,
maybe the wines of 2009 will be as good,
will find it out later
when the wines are mature enough

 An old crypt of a nobel family
of the region

 Nobody took care of it during the old regime
 De la Motte Castle in Noszvaj
- on their web-page it says there are organized tours
but it looks very much that hasn't happened for ages,
- sad to leave a building like this without care
 Why don't they sell these castles in a reasonable prices
for someones who would take a good care of them???

 Village of Noszvaj

1 comment:

  1. De la Motte is absolutely beautiful! The murals, frescos inside are amazing. Regardless of the present state of the estate, it is a treasure and the architecture is astounding for this area. It has very much the flavor of a French chateau.

    I will be visiting it next year. It figures in my new novel "A Kapitany" to be published this spring.

    Jane Kohut-Bartels/


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