Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Had breakfast at the hotel
- served between 7am-9am
- quite good one
After breakfast went for a 2-hour-walk
-8C, but with properly dressed no problem
Very neat small town with 18.079 inhabitants
- could see only few of them while walking,
very quiet everywhere

Frozen river
The name of the river is Black River
- different species of fish & crayfish can be found there
Part of the river's free from ice
Birdies by the river
A nice walk-way by the river
- it was so quiet there,
occasionally passed another walker,
- an elderly person or a mother with baby
Sometimes got a bit of an Ystad-feeling,
like if Kurt Wallander would soon have
a new case to solve...
Funny looking houses with flat roofs
- can only been seen in Sweden & Finland
- popular architectural style in the 70's
- here in this area some of houses
have extencions in the front
or in the back,
but all the roofs're kept flat
Had a really nice walk in a fresh air,
and wasn't cold at all!

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