Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shopping in Tranås

Storgatan is the central shopping street in Tranås
There're less than 20.000 people living in Tranås,
and 2 million living in Budapest
- how it's possibly
that in Tranås
you can find plenty of beautiful,
gorgeous interior boutiques,
(and with reasonable prices!)
and in Budapest none!!!
Made some bargains this afternoon:

"Louise" duvet covers & pillow cases
- cotton satin in gorgeous pale grey print
(don't know why the photo looks so blueish)
B.Young skirt for summer
in SEK 100,-
(that's about EUR 10)
3 toothpastes in the price of 2
Apoteket Örnen
Storgatan 30
Paper napkins
á SEK 40
Storgatan 9
- place full of beautiful things,
selling also Lexington goods
Bought also a pile of Swedish interior magazines
& some bottles of Loka & Ramlösa
sparkling waters
with delicious tastes
Forest fruit,
- only Swedes can produce
such tastefull yet not sweet waters
- absolutely my favourite ones!

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