Lazy Sunday

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Actually it was supposed to be a lazy day,
just hanging around Miami Beach,
but it was everything but lazy...
Finally could run!
On Saturday bought a pair of Asics running shoes
at Alton Sports in Motion
- very good shoes
- got a great professional service in the store
With these shoes ran from 11th Street to 36th Street and back
along the Ocean walk
- great feeling!
Alton Sports In Motion
1448 Alton Road

Had late breakfast at News Cafe
- bagel with smoked salmon, orange juice & herbal tea
Very hot in the sun
News Cafe
. Ocean Drive
. Windy, humid & hot day
. Checked the Espanolaway market
- nothing special
Beautiful gate
. Antique market on Lincoln Road
. Furniture, decorative objects, jewellery...
. ...vintage bags
- lots of interestinf stuff!
Had a coconut water drink
while walking along Washington Ave
down to South Pointe Park
- quite tasteless despite of the pineapple flavour
- didn't really like it
. Very humid
- view of downtown from South Pointe Park
. Lots of beautiful boys at 1200 Ocean Drive!
. Bought a pair of Havaianas Peacock flip flops


  1. "Finally could run".

    Hmm, if I remember correctly, you were running on friday morning :P And also every other mornings on that week :)

  2. I ran only once in Bahamas - I was walking in the other mornings.


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