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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Concealers, highlights, covers, definers...getting easily confused with all these beauty products that are meant to bring the good sides and hide the not-so good sides of your face.

American Ben Nye is one of those make-up brands used by professionals, so I wanted to test a few of them as well. I chose:

MediaPro Dura Cover HD DV-40 to hide redness and other imperfections of my complex. The shade is perfect and the coverage good.
MediaPro HD Special Highlight HY-1 Yellow no.1 to lighten the darker  parts of face such as the inner corners of eyes, and highlight the some parts such as the area around upper lip, just below brows, upper part of cheeks. Seems to work.
MediaPro Eye Definer SL-14 Taupe for eye brows. Easy to use, spreads nicely and lasts long. The colour might be a bit too red-ish for my brows (using it anyway...).

Only a tiny amount is needed, so these products last for really long. A small spatula is a must, so you don't need to use your finger tips. And a brush for the eye brows. 

The founder of Ben Nye make-ups was American make-up artist of that name who worked for the Hollywood film industry for over four decades, from 1930s to the early 1980s. He did the makeups for Gone with the Wind, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Planet of the Apes.


  1. Tuotteita on markkinoilla niin paljon ja kaikki ovat niin hyviä. En ole ikinä kuullut tai lukenut näistä, varmaan mahtavia tuotteita.

    1. Joo, Sofia, aivan mahtavia! Koko ajan tulee jotain uutta markkinoille, tai siis nämähän ovat olleet jo vuosikymmeniä, mutta nyt vasta itse löysin ko brändin.


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