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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Let's continue with the colour orange! Never seen the TV version (still living without Netflix), but had heard the title several times, and now finally got the book. Not amazing literature but very interesting true story about the life at a women's prison in the USA. Piper Kerman was sent to prison for 15 months for drug money laundering, which she had done 10 years ago in her 20's.

There was her interview by Sharon Cotliar on More Magazine and after reading it decided to read the book as well. Here're some parts of the interview:

People will surprise you
"On my first day at prison I was really, really scared. When I was put into the unit in which I would be living, the women began to approach me. They said things like, 'Do you need some toothpaste?' 'Do you need some shower shoes? There's wicked foot fungus in those showers.' 'Do you want me to make you a cup of instant coffee? You are quaking.' The last thing I expected on my first day of prison was to experience kindness at the hands of my fellow prisoners."

There are worst things than failing
"As I think about all the things that I've done since I came home from prison, any time that I was really, reallyscared and really afraid to fail or to look stupid, ot that it would be a disaster, I could sit and say, 'You know what? No matter what happens, it can't be worse than prison. Let's go for it."

Never wear orange
"I do like the color of orange. Before I went to prison, I would wear it. I think it's an energetic, creative color. I do not wear it any longer."

Piper Kerman lives now in Brooklyn with her husband and son. She is working on a new book about the criminal justice system. 

PS. Orange for nails - June by Chanel.

PPSS. I lost wi-fi at home last Friday...seems like nobody knows the reason for it... The whole apartment is based on wi-fi connection...


  1. En ole mikään oranssin ystävä mutta jotakin taikaa siinä värissä on. Positiivista elinvoimaa, valoa. Kaunis, elegantti oranssi tyyny voi tuoda uutta ilmettä harmaaseen huoneeseen. Tuo kynsilakka on kaunis, laitan korvan taakse ;))

    1. Samat sanat, Sofia! Mäkään en ole pahemmin oranssin tai keltaisen ystävä, mutta nyt ne tuntuu jotenkin piristäviltä ja energisiltä just antamaan ilmettä pienissä määrin.


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