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Sunday, January 11, 2015

This Egoboost by Supermood is promising to make eyes wide open!
It's a Cinderella serum meaning that the effect lasts some hours but doesn't really improve the texture of skin. Perfect product to use when you need a bit of lifting.

How to use it?
Tap a small amount, app. 2 drops, on your upper lid towards your brows and also between the brows. You can first warm the serum in between your fingers. Don't apply it under your eyes.

What does it do?
- the serum kind of opens up the eyes
- gives a fresh look
- tightens up the delicate skin of the upper eye contour area
- it kind of gives a tight cling wrap for the upper lids 
(if you wear it without make-up and walk in the rain, it peels off...)

I like this product! So easy to apply and really freshens up the look.

ps. It contains chaga mushroom!

Supermood is a new Finnish range of products that includes topical, organic cosmetics and even edible beauty products such as raw chocolate with collagen. As most of the products are produced using “superfoods” and the beauty lines are separated by different moods -rather than skin types-, it was a great move to name the range Supermood.

The brand was launched in Autumn 2014 with the first product range, Egoboost, a powder containing chaga mushroom found in trees in arctic areas. “Chaga contains huge amounts of antioxidants and it has been used as a folk medicine for centuries. It boosts the immune system and evens out the skin tone. Chaga used in Supermood is hand collected from Finnish nature.”

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