No Make-Up

Friday, July 18, 2014

I've been without make-up for several days now... reason for that is  a strong allergic reaction. For what? No idea! My face started to become red and itchy, then the neck and ears, for couple of days my eye lids were like balloons. First I got pretty strong tablets against allergy from the pharmacy. They seemed to help but as soon as I finished taking them the symptoms came back. Needed to book an appointment to see a doctor. This time I got super strong tablets which will for sure make the symtoms go away. After two days the face feels better, the skin is still quite red and rough, but the itchiness has disappeared. 

First I applied some facial oil with vitamin E for my face, but then I discovered Avéne's soothing eye contour cream which can be applied for the upper lid as well and Lumene's SOS cream is a real saver! It's formulated by using skin calming technology.
I won't put any make-up on my face yet, will wait a couple of more days to see how the situation evolves. 

I'm not an allergic person normally. I don't have hay fever, I can be in the same room with cats and dogs, I can eat anything etc. This kind of reactions are very difficult to diagnose, almost anything can cause them. The only thing is to get rid of the symptoms by taking medicine and hope that it won't come back.   


  1. Penisilliinille allerginen mieheni sai Budapestissa työmatkalla ollessaan muutama vuosi sitten todella pahan allergisen reaktion. Muuta selitystä emme keksineet kuin sen, että siellä oli jossakin liharuuassa eläimelle syötetyn antibiootin jämiä jäljellä... Toivottavasti reaktion syy selviää sinulle!

    1. Oho! Lääkärin mukaan yällaset allergiset reaktiot on niin hankala selvittää, voivat johtua mistä vaan... niinpä. Odotan kuurin loppuun ja katson sitten tulevatko oireet takaisin ja miten lähteä selvittämään syytä. Tää tällainen lääkkeillä oireet pois menetelmä ei oikein ole filosofiani mukaista, mutta minkäs teet.

  2. I hope you are feeling better by now and will be able to find the reason for the reaction.

    1. feeling better, no itchiness any more, but not happy to eat such strong medicines. Most probably the reason will stay unknown...


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