Monday, July 14, 2014

Delicious Dinner At Savu

 This bucket full of "tervapastilli" (tar candy) came in the end of the meal. So Finnish! Fab idea!
Had dinner in a countryside style restaurant in the middle of Helsinki. Great place to eat in a sunny summer evening.

The name of the restaurant "Savu" means smoke. Almost everything was slightly smoked, even salt. 

 A glass of champagne with canapés with reindeer salami. 
 Mildly smoked salmon flavored with dill seed salt, warm summer salad and three pepper sour cream sauce.

 What are they doing on that deck?

Washing rugs in the middle of Helsinki!


  1. Vaikuttaa tutustumisen arvoiselta paikalta. Herkullisen näköisiä annoksia.

    1. Todella kiva ja viihtyisä paikka. Palvelu ja ruoka erinomaisia.


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