Friday, June 27, 2014

Lake houses part 2-3

 Didn't get inside this house as the owner wasn't in, just his dog...anyway, it didn't look that interesting. And the lake was pretty faraway. 
Asking price 49.000.000 HUF (app. €163.000)

From Siofok continued to Fonyod.

The agent didn't get the key to this house and the owner was busy, so just had a look outside and that actually already told a lot.

Asking price 40.000.000 HUF (€133.000)

Not so open houses this time!


  1. woow the 3th is the best, i think : ) it has a lovely garden and the building looks special! sadly, we can't see the inside, but i guess that wonderful too

    1. The garden was so nicely planned and kept - rose, lavendels... There are more houses to come...


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