Lake houses part 2-3

Friday, June 27, 2014

 Didn't get inside this house as the owner wasn't in, just his dog...anyway, it didn't look that interesting. And the lake was pretty faraway. 
Asking price 49.000.000 HUF (app. €163.000)

From Siofok continued to Fonyod.

The agent didn't get the key to this house and the owner was busy, so just had a look outside and that actually already told a lot.

Asking price 40.000.000 HUF (€133.000)

Not so open houses this time!


  1. woow the 3th is the best, i think : ) it has a lovely garden and the building looks special! sadly, we can't see the inside, but i guess that wonderful too

    1. The garden was so nicely planned and kept - rose, lavendels... There are more houses to come...


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