Lunch At Púder

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Had a lunch at Púder on Ráday utca in Budapest the other day. It's located in the beginning of the street near Ibis Hotel. The whole name of the restaurant is Púder Barszínház (Powder Bar Theatre), and it's representing now so popular ruinpub scene, even though it's not in a ruined premises.  Contemporary artist and ruinpub decorator Bertalan Babos Zsili and his team have design the interior. There are surreal collages and statues, run-down, colorful chairs and table. The place is busy in the evenings as there are all kinds of cultural happenings from quiet, sit-down events to theatrical performances and always temporary exhibition of paintings. 

I like to test Caesar salads in different places so that was a natural choice for me also on this time. Caesar salad with chicken was good and the portion wasn't too big. 

(Have to say that if you go to Tom George, I don't recommend their Caesar salad... the portion is huge and it's full of mayonnaise and doesn't taste like Caesar salad at all!)

The interior is rather busy, but not everything need to be so minimalist.  

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