Lake Houses part 1

Thursday, June 26, 2014

 On the previous day made a trip to Lake Balaton in Hungary to check the houses there as a friend of mine is looking for a house to buy. There are lots of houses for sale - the variety is pretty wide and so is the price range as well. The criteria that my friend and her family had: nice view to the lake, spacious garden, 3 bedrooms, rather a fixer upper to make it for their own taste.
Well, I will show you some of the houses...and then tell which one they chose. 

No view.
Small garden.
In a good chap but the chosen materials...

Asking price 45.000.000 HUF (app. €150.000)

PS. there will be several houses, so, please, don't get bored of them! 


  1. Hei tosi mielenkiintoinen postaussarja! Ihanaa tirkistella taloja! Tama oli kylla aika fixer upper!

  2. Siis sellasia fixer uppereita tuli vastaan ettei ole tosikaan!


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