Tortilla de Patatas y Pimientos Rojos

Saturday, January 11, 2014

 After running 5,5km in the Margit Island this morning it was easy to consume an omelet (half of it) made of potato slices & chunks of red peppers topped with white asparagus and Parma ham. Delicious and full of protein. 

This week's been pretty good sports-wise - 3 x running/jogging & 2 x 90mins sessions of hot yoga, yesterday was for resting. During the holidays bought a pair of pink compression calf sleeves to avoid cramps in my legs. Been wearing them now the week while sporting and sometimes even in the office during the day. It's been around 8C outside. They feel nice, supportive and warm. Very much like flight stockings but more comfy and the dressing them up is easier. First I thought I had avoided the muscle pain which would've been natural for not running for a while. But this morning I DID have that pain, not a  huge one though. Anyway, I will continue wearing these calf sleeves this winter and spring and see whether I can get rid of the cramps. No cramps so far! 

Will go & check the new cafe at Il Bacio di Stile...


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