Sunday Treat

Sunday, January 12, 2014

 I'm definitely a chocoholic. I've tried to cut it down, but in the winter time it's so nice to have a big mug of hot chocolate made of pure unsweetened cocoa melted into soya milk, and topped it with loads of whipped cream and spiced up with some cinnamon.  

Hot chocolate is such a treat especially after coming back from the office where was installing 3pc of Ikea PS pendant lamps. You know those round lamps with white paper flowers. It was a bit of a challenge, and I would have needed a pair of glasses to cover my eyes for not hitting them by the thin metal sticks. . . The easy part was adding the flowers one by one, just needed to click them. Work done now, so it'll be nice to start a new day in my better lighten office tomorrow.

I even add some cocoa covered almonds to my afternoon snack…
One can never have too much chocolate!

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