Street Style

Monday, January 13, 2014

 It's cloudy, not windy at all, dry and 10C outside. Quite pleasant to go outside to get some fresh (NOT!) air. 
No need for beanie nor gloves as the fake fur jacket is so warm. Wearing only a t-shirt underneath the jacket. The black leather-suede pants are my favorite ones for this season.

fake fur jacket - Tiger of Sweden
leather-suede pants - Zara
shoes - Converse
bag - Miumiu
earrings - Zarro

PS. I like to add some color for the not-so-colorful outfit by mixing these 2 shades of Clinique's Chubby Sticks:
05 Chunky Cherry & 12 Oversized Orange
So easy to apply, no need of lining (maybe should???), fresh & kind of natural.


  1. LOVE the pants!! Kokonaisuus myos kiva!

    1. Kiitos! On kyllä mukavat jalassa, ja takki on niin lämmin.

  2. Voi olen haaveillut tuollaisesta takista. Melkein jo tilasinkin, vaan en sitten raaskinutkaan. Myöhemmin niitä ei enään ollut. Classic.

    1. Ostoslistalla ei mitenkään ollut tällasta takkia, mutta heti kun näin sen ostin. Niin lämmin ja kevyt!

  3. Hi, nice blog :-) i have a question, would you ever sell your minimal fur? If its a size Small, I would love to buy it. Please contact me by email


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