Easy Packing

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

 This is the easy part of packing - to pack the onboard cosmetics. For a short flight I just pack a hand cream but for a long-haul one I need something more. 

Travel size package of facial wipes
- easy way to clean the face
Josie Maran's BearNaked wipes are perfect.
Eye drops
- essential for my dry eyes
Tears Naturale & Systane are my favorite ones.
Moisturizing eye gel
- I prefer light gel instead of heavy creams
My choice is Clinique's Moisturizing Surge Extra.
Anti-dehydration & anti-fatigue cream for face
- something that is easy to apply during the flight when needed
Biotherm's Travel Recharge intense recovery is totally new one for me, so I'll tell more about it after the flight.
Hand cleanser gel
- it's so easy to catch a flu or something onboard
I'm not a fan of the anti-bacterial gels but sometimes it's needed I agree. Body Shop's gel has a nice sweet lemon scent so that's my choice.
Hand cream
- absolutely essential!
Clarins' Hand & Nail Treatment Cream has a pleasant scent, the size is small enough and the texture is not too greasy.
Oil for cuticles & nails
- another essential to keep the hands looking healthy
Butter London's Handbag Holiday cuticle oil is made for travelers.  

Traveling by plane puts both the body and skin to the test: the preparations, endlessly waiting in line, changes in temperature, dry, confined air, disrupted sleep patterns...the effects can last for days after landing.

So this was the easy part of packing, next step is to decide how to fill the suitcase...


  1. Oi, minne olet taas lähdössä Tibs? Hyviä vinkkejä annat!

    1. Kiva jos vinkeistä on hyötyä! Huomenna aikainen aamulento Heatrow'n kautta Las Vegasiin...


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