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Saturday, August 17, 2013

 Can't live without it - the facial cleansing brush.
Bought this Clarisonic Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing System brush at Sephora's last spring and been using it (almost) every night ever since. The face feels so clean and smooth after every use.
In just 60 secs, the sonic action removes impurities from pores so that creams, serums, and moisturizers are more effective.
Tested, and it really works!
I use sensitive brush head not to cause any damage to my skin.
Unfortunately I haven't found any replacement brush heads in European Sephoras, not in Spain, France nor Italy...They just sell the whole system packages. Next time in the States have to fill the storage with loads of brush heads. 

 This Aria one is travel-friendly with universal charger, so it's perfect for me!
 Herbina cleansing foam works well with Clarisonic.

 My daily routine after cleansing continues with these products.
 I've mentioned before that I'm not very committed to one brand or product, but there's one product that I always have: the Clarifying Lotion 2 by Clinique. After wiping my face with that tonic my skin feels super clean.
 All About Eyes Rich by Clinique
My dry eye area needs plenty of moisture, this one works well at the moment. (This is actually a 7ml sample).
This hydrating product sends puffy eyes packing with a formulation that is ophthalmologist tested and ideal for all skin types.

 Vitamin E Skin Oil by Derma E
Fantastic oil for dry skin. I use it alone on my face and neck  without any cream.
Helps moisturize and soften dry, rough skin and reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
Works super well!
(bought it at WholeFoods!)
 Argan Lip Treatment by Josie Maran
It has an exfoliating effect together while deep-hydrating. The green apple scent is lovely.
A naturally age-defying, Argan-infused lip-treatment balm that conditions, repairs, and protects dry, fragile lips.

Moisture Surge Overnight mask by Clinique
One of the best mask ever, especially for thirsty skin.
I use it twice a week after exfoliating the skin. It replaces the night cream/oil or whatever. The skin feels and looks healthy and moisturized in the morning.


  1. I have the same Clarisonic brush, and I swear it does wonders! It is as addictive as an electric toothbrush :-)

    1. You're so right, Hekku, it's addictive!

  2. Tuo Clarisonic on kyllä mahtava, olen niin tyytyväinen, että se tuli hankittua! Cliniquen tuotteiden nimeen vannon myös puhdistuksessa. Ja kiitos tässä tuli myös hyviä uusia tuotevinkkejä!

    1. Samat sanat, Mikko! Ei ollut virheostos.

  3. Mina olen miettinyt tuon Clarisonicin hankkimista jo pitkaan. Ehka taytyisi ryhtya tuumasta toimeen!

    1. Suosittelen vilpittömästi Kannattaa hankkia, et kadu!

  4. Kiva lukea näitä beautyjuttuja! Oi tuommoinen puhdistusvekotin kyllä tekisi terää! En tiennytkään että Herbinaa on vielä olemassa!

    1. Hyvä laite, ei voi muuta sanoa kuin kehua! Ostelen Suomessa käydessäni Herbinaa CityMarketista tai Anttilasta:).


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