Fab Facial & Farewell To Finland

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Had a fantastic facial at Kauneushoitola Marja in Pori.
The treatment included scrub, massage and mask all with Darphin products. 
I found out that I've been using too strong products instead I should use hydrating and moisturizing ones as my skin is very dry. 
By using firming products for a long time the skin becomes drier and it causes wrinkles and lines.
I received a massive collection of Darphin samples.

After the treatment my skin feels softer and looks healthier.
For now on I try to remember add moisturizer after serum and only  then the BB-cream. I've been skipping the moisturizer... For the night I've sometimes used only serum, nothing hydrating at all. What a mistake!

ps. heading already back home to Budapest.
The time in Finland went so fast, again!
 This is exactly what I needed - a relaxing moment on/in Eero Aarnio's Bubble chair at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.
I'm not a heavy user of business lounges but sometimes it's a good option.

On Friday I will be in Vienna...


  1. Runsaat näytteet, tosiaan! Olen itse jemmanut vikat kuukaudet kaikki näyteseerumit, ja käyttänyt niitä lähes joka ilta yövoiteen alla -tuntuu olevan tosi tarpeen, kun tulee oltua koko päivä ulkosalla.

    1. Oli kyllä ihanat näytteet! kaikki on nyt käytetty ja iho paremman tuntuinen. Pitää käydä shoppailemassa...


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