Tate Britain

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Another museum - Tate Britain in London, where i visited last week. Marvellous place!
Tate Britain is the home of British Art. The permanent exhibition is beginning from the year 1540 and continuing till this year 2013.
Every hall is representing a different era. The years are shown on the floor next to the doors - makes it easy to follow.

John Singer Sargent, Henry Scott Tuke, William Ratcliffe, David Bomberg, L.S. Lowry,  Sir Jacob Epstein, Francis Bacon,Patrick Heron, Barry Flanagan, Henry Moore...

The whole building inside is beautifully restored and extended , very spacious with lots of light.

Tate Britain is in Millbank, nearest tube station is Pimlico.

Btw, there are always temporary exhibitions as well.
Gary Hume left school at 16 and worked on a building site before going to art school. Now he is putting on his own show at Tate Britain. (June 5th - September 1.)

Go & visit if you're in London! 


  1. Siitä on tosi kauan aikaa kun olin viimeksi Lontoossa, pitäisi mennä. Kiitos vinkistä, se laittoi minut ainakin miettimään Lontoota. Tosi kurja kuulla olet flunssassa, nyt taitaa olla keljuin aika olla sairaana.

  2. love tate london, i visited it last year :) I just found your blog and it´s great! I like your sense of style and follow you now, hope you will like my blog and follow me too.

    1. Thanks, Maria! I'll check it straight away!

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed Tate Britain. I haven't been for years but you've inspired me to try and go soon. Have you been to Tate Modern? That is another great space!

    1. Yes, Tate Modern is great too! Haven't been there for a while, it's been probably around two years ago since. Next time!


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