Fantastic Sylvie!

Friday, May 24, 2013

 Last night saw the fantastic performance of Sylvie Guillem at Sadler's Wells in London.

She was fabulous! All her movements were so precise and smooth.

"SYLVIE GUILLEM: We were in the studio here creating the William Forsythe work, Re-array. It was the last day of the rehearsal, the next day we were taking the plane, so we were following the news (the earthquake in Japan) on the internet, the airport TV and then in France. It’s why I called the show 6000 Miles Away - it's the distance between them and us.

Sylvie Guillem at Sadler's Wells after the night's performance.

Sylvie Guillem(born 25 February 1965 in Paris) is a French ballet dancer. She was the top-ranking female dancer with the Paris Opera Ballet from 1984 to 1989, before becoming a principal guest artist with the Royal Ballet in London. She is currently performing contemporary dance as an Associate Artist of London's Sadler's wells Theatre. Her most notable performances have included those in Giselle and in Rudolf Nureyev's stagings of Swan Lake and Don Quixote.


  1. Sylvie is extraordinary. I have seen "6000 miles away" when it first premieres at Sadler's back in 2011 and seen it several tiems since then. What Sylvie gives cannot be put into words, that apssion, that artistic integrity, that intelligence and he rapport with the audience. No other dancer can be compared to her, not simply because of her extraordinary physicality but for that beauty she radiates on stage, for taking risks with her artistic choices, alaways wishing to take the audience with her to discover news pathways in dancing. All over the years I had the good fortune to see her many times both on classical and modern works and she remains an abnsolute ideal of beauty to my mind. And I have never seen a more generous artist to her audience.

    1. I absolutely agree with you! You wrote so well and put it all in to words. The magical connection with the audience was so amazing.

    2. True. By the way, the photo is absolutely wonderful.

    3. Thank you! I was lucky to have a chance to meet her shortly after the performance!


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