Brick Lane

Monday, May 27, 2013

 Had Sunday lunch at Brick Lane.
Brick Lane is famous for its many curry houses and it's known as Banglatown as it's in the Bangladeshi-Sylheti community in Eastend.
 Just popped in to one of the many restaurants and chose different plates like vegetable byriani, mushroom massala, prawns and fish in spicy cause, lemon rice...
Very tasty! 
The only issue for me was cilantro in some of the dishes as I can't stand the flavour of it.
 Brick Lane at Aldgate East side.
 And some macarons at Ladure in Covent Garden...
 And a cupcake at Hummingbird's on Wardour Street...

Went to listened to an organ recital in St Paul's in Sunday afternoon. Perfect!

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  1. oh you are making me seriously hungry with this talk of the Indian cuisine....(it's almost dinner time here in melbourne).

    Curious you just not like the fresh cilantro or not the dried, ground coriander either?


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