Andalucian Cuisine

Monday, May 13, 2013

bbq food
 We had grill on & hot every night last week!
Gambas, wild asparagus, sole, dorada, pimientos & other vegetables, jamon serrano, boquerones, fruit...

home-cooking bbq

bbq home-cooking

bbq home-cooking

bbq home-cooking

No need to go out in a restaurant to have dinner,is it?
The view from the upper terrace's quite amazing! 

Andalucian evening

Andalucian night

Andalucian meal hours:
Desayuno (breakfast): toasted bread with butter/jam, cafe con leche
Another desayuno between 10-11am: bocadillo, coffee
Around 1pm: beer/wine with tapas
Almuerzo (lunch) between 2-3pm: the main meal of the day
Merienda (snack) 5-6pm at cafes
Tapas at 8.30pm at bars
Cena (supper) after 9pm

People tend to lunch out on weekdays and dine out at weekends.
Sunday lunch is usually a family affair.


  1. I didn't even know how to fill in the poll below. First of all you made me hungry and feel like traveling (just finished a chocolate bar so feeling hungry was a surprise). The views are amazing and I love to learn about different habbits (and well food is always my main intrest followed by style/fashion). They have so many little bites and thingies it sounds delicious :D


    1. The food was so fresh and delicious there! We just kept on buying different ingredients and cooked at home (well, our friends' home).


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