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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Helped furnishing this recently built rather sterile condo.
The key word was "let the sun shine in".
The owner's wish to create a modern & cosy home 
without breaking the bank.


Decided to use deep orange and hues of red as 
the accent colours to add warmth to the whole flat.

Made-to-measure shoe cabinet was made with high-gloss doors.
Coats & jackets are behind the flower curtain.
An extra cabinet was built to store all cleaning stuff.

 The entrance opens to kitchen & living area on the left and bedroom on the right side.
 Bookworm by Kartell is an interesting piece of decoration
and great for books & DVD's.

 Orange sofa is the centrepiece of the living space.
Grey pattern cushions calms it down and crispy white ones 
give freshness.
The picture on the wall was created from three different photos - all very important to the owner - and it was framed with minimalist brushed metal frame.
 Grey wall gives substance to the space.

The kitchen was made with white high-gloss cabinets and wooden counter tops. The low-bearing pole had to stay so decided to paint it orange - if you can't hide it make it a centrepiece!

The glass table lets the light flow.

 Good morning, Sunshine!
 The vibrant colours were used also in the bedroom.
The owner's photos from her fascinating journey to Australia
add a nice personal touch and match perfectly to the colour theme.

Study was kept simple with blacks & whites and a hint of orange.

 The balcony/terrace is huge!
There's a great view of the city.
Added some flowers there.

 Kitchen & dining
 Living room
 Dining & living space


  1. You are very talented! I would be happy to see more of your project! I really like the combination of red gray white and orange. AMAZING:)

    1. Thank you so much! Maybe I 'll start posting some other projects as well...

  2. Your place looks so nice !

    1. Thank you, Jane! I like your shoes!

  3. A wonderful apartment, sunny and beautiful :) You really know what you are doing!

    1. Thank you so much, Johanna!
      Btw, the home of your friend is so lovely!

  4. Hi, here for my first visit - but not my last :-)

  5. Kiva muutos ja rohkeaa värinkäyttöä. Tykkään.

  6. Wow great pics. I am looking forward to the next ideas ;-)
    Greetings from Zurich ;-)

    1. :) thank you! Hopefully i get new pics soon...


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