Meal Deal

Monday, March 4, 2013

The week's menu included fresh tuna, shrimps, veal, crab tails... 
All ingredients were bought at Publix.
 Salad with Sockeye warm-smoked salmon.
Tuna & shrimps with roasted sweet peppers.
 Tomatoes & anchovies.
Veal cutlet with asparagus and pan-fried potatoes with herbs.
 I never say no to home-made pizza!
 SoBe salad at Jerry's Famous Deli on 1450 Collins Avenue.
Hot dog - not my kind of food, sorry!
Be prepared, the menu at Jerry's is massive! 
The motto is:
"Some is good. More is better. Too much is just right."
 Easy Asian cooking.
Bought a package of vegetable spring rolls 
and heated them in the oven - better than would expected! 
Crispy & delicious!
Shrimps & vegetable wok.
 Salad with anchovies.
Breaded veal cutlet with cauliflower.

 Cooking the crab tails.
 Both cold & warm-smoked with pepper Alaskan Sockeye salmon 
with aragula and aioli with radish.
Surf & turf with asparagus and spicy hollandaise sauce.
 Sunday lunch with friends at the terrace of Big Pink 
on 157 Collins Avenue.
Crab cakes with slaw, hand-cut fries and strawberry shake.
The menu of the place is full of all-American favourites,
even TV dinners on a tray.
Without a reservation the queuing time for Sunday lunch 
is app. 15-20mins.

Treat of the week:
Lemon meringue pie from Publix and a package of mini m&m's.


  1. Oh my, onpa teillä ollut kerrassaan herkkuja ruokia! Kateeksi käy :) Ja taidat asua Miamissa? Siitä olen vielä kateellisempi!

    1. Pistän koko viikon ruoat kerralla jakoon. Ei valitettavasti asuta ympäri vuoden, ainoastaan kaikista kylmimmän ajan

  2. No kyl oli läjä herkkuja. Teillä näköjään syödään hyvin :D

    1. Kieltämättä tuli kyllä syötyä!

  3. Huh mikä ruokaviikko! wow mitä herkkuja!!

    1. Kiitos! Aika tyypillinen viikko :)

  4. Swoon! I feel like I just gained 10 pounds looking at all of this amazingness - yum! :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. :) well, I do need to go out running...

  5. Oi mikä herkkuviikko! Mä haluaisin olla sun ystävä ja syödä sun luona! Kyllä mä tuon hodarinkin ottaisin shoppailun ohessa!


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