Deering At Cutler

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Path to the main building of Deering Estate.

Industrialist Charles Deering, the brother of James Deering who built Villa Vizcaya, had restored a medieval castle in Spain, but by 1920 he was ready to move to South Florida wishing he could bring his Spanish castle with him.

The Stone House was built in 1921.
It has concrete walls covered in a limestone veneer 
to imitate the stone of his Spanish castle, 
a roof of handmade clay tiles, 
antique wrought iron window grilles, 
bronze and copper-clad doors and 
arcades of hand-carved columns.

Some details:
The ceiling of the outside loggia is covered by artistically arranged seashells.
The blue and yellow hand-painted tiles over the fireplace were imported from Spain.

Art in the garden.

Charles Deering was a collector of fine arts and antiques.
He had paintings by Goya, El Greco and Velazquez among others.

"The Deering home...was a warm and inviting place, 
beautiful, obviously a place of unpretentious 
wealth and fine taste."
- Mary Warren Hudson, neighbour -

Hurricane Andrew in 1992 made devastating damages in the Estate.
It was reopened in 1999.
Visitors can enter the house and see several rooms,
 but the house is relatively empty even although 
the Deering family members have donated artwork and other items.
(you can't really get the feeling how the rooms 
used to look with furniture.)

Nice sea view!

The 1/2 mile long Mangrove Boardwalk Trail 
starts from the left corner of the estate. 
Golden Orb Weaver spiders!
Mangrove forests are extremely important for the ecosystem. 
Very interesting trail!

A tranquil place to sit down and enjoy the views.

The Deering Estate at Cutler
16701 SW 72nd Avenue


  1. Miten upea paikka!
    Kattokoristelu on pysäyttävän hieno <3

    1. Se katto oli aivan uskomaton! Koko paikka oli tosiaan melko mykistyttävä.


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