The Gardens Mall

Monday, January 21, 2013

 On Saturday drove up to Palm Beach to see some drag racing,
but as the weather was slightly rainy the whole event was cancelled - what a pity (NOT!)!
Anyway, the plan was to visit the Gardens Mall 
as it's nearby the raceway - instead of being there just 
for an hour or so, had plenty of time to explore it!

 Beside the big department stores like Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue there're almost all the brands from Chanel to Anthropologie. 

 Lobster burger for lunch at Bloomongdale's bistro.

Found something to buy as well...
There're huge sales everywhere!

Even though the race was cancelled still had chance to meet 
our friends Michelle and Mike for a coffee at the mall.
It was a nice day!


  1. Ah, lempikauppani Anthropologie! Sinne ajattelin tällä viikolla suunnata katsastamaan alennusmyyntejä...

    1. Anthropologiella oli vaikka mita ihanaa!

  2. Täällä vihreän värisenä seurailen...
    Näytä, näytä, näytä, mitä ostit!

    1. Itseasiassa enostanut oikein mitaan - muutamantopin ja t-paidan seka parit flipflopit.


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