Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not So Cloudy

 Sunday was supposed to be cloudy, but the sky 
was pretty cloudless.
 Had a nice walk via South Point to Ocean Drive.
 There was an Art Deco Weekend.
Every weekend there's some happening around,
this weekend it will be Miami Marathon.
 Vintage cars on Ocean Drive.

 Street shows and vendors on Ocean Drive.
I'm still on antibiotics till this weekend,
so I'm not in perfect conditions yet.


  1. Ihanaa kun saat tankata vähän lämpöä ja aurinkoa. Tekee varmasti hyvää kropalle ja mielelle!

    1. Älä muuta sano! Kyllä on kaivattu aurinkoa ja lämpöä!

  2. your photo's are so beautiful! what I wouldn't give right now to be in Miami, where I live it's about 20 degrees:( That aqua blue fiat is dreamy:)

  3. Thanks, Kelly! It's around 80 here....


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