Friday, November 16, 2012

 Finally found this super amazing mud mask 
that everyone's talking about!
 "Walking around the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus is a little like strolling through someone’s astoundingly clean and impeccable collection of fine art. 
Except here the fine art comes in the form of Paloma Picasso jewels, Dior gowns, vintage crystal bar glasses, and diamond encrusted ladybug pendants fit for a queen. 
I strolled (or sleuthed) my way around Neimans recently, convinced that the security guards were readying 
their handcuffs and waiting for me 
to start stealing Manolos
I pretended like I belonged there, 
and then blew my cover by asking the nice, 
perfectly groomed women in Cosmetics 
what the hottest celebrity trend was at the moment. 
They paused for a split second before stating: 
Definitely. It’s a mask with volcanic rock. 
The celebrities love it.”
by Forbes

The tingling and exfoliating mask 
made my skin extremely smooth.
Very happy for the result!

It's natural, for all skin types, cruelty free, 
paraben free and vegan.

Glamglow is available at Douglas in Budapest.


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