Atelier Cologne

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

 Are you familiar with these colognes?

I actually found out about Atelier Cologne on Sephora's webpage.
The simple form of the bottles promises 
something fresh and unique, doesn't it?

Atelier Cologne was born out of the encounter between Sylvie Ganter and Christopher Cervasel. Both of Italian descent: she, from Marseilles, lives in New York; he, from Toulouse, lives in Paris. Perfume has always been their passion and their profession. 

They share the same love for the legendary perfumery classic, the eau de cologne. In concert they combined their thirst for creation and desire to establish the first fragrance house entirely dedicated to cologne. Their dream: to create colognes of character to be worn as an eau de parfum or extract, while exalting the characteristic and magic freshness of cologne. 

After many years in the making, the dream comes true. They give birth to a new family of fragrances: the Colognes Absolues.

Orange, vetiver, favourite scents.
Vanilla is a bit too sweet for me.

Available in Budapest:
V, Deak Ferenc utca 18 (=Fashion Street)

Have to visit there and ask some samples!

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