Wunderbar Wien

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy 1st May
 greetings from Vienna!

Nice girls' day out in sunny capital of Austria.
The weather was really hot,
so preferred sitting inside rather than on the terrace for lunch.

 The iconic Viennese dish:
Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad.
They really know how to make it at Cafe Landtmann
on Dr-Karl-Lueger-Ring 4 next to Burgtheater.
 Just as iconic: Sacher Torte.
The best Sacher cake is served at Sacher.
There are 3 places to get a slice of this cake at Sacher:
Sacher Cafe
- the biggest, always queue, classic syle
 Sacher Bistro 
- the newest one with the shop, 
rather small, bar tables, modern 
Sacher Stube
- small, hardly ever queue,
classic style

After queueing a while for the Bistro
gave up and walked into the Stube
for the slice of Sacher.

Chandlier at Sacher Stube.

Oh, about the shopping...
will come back to that later...


  1. Apua, armoa...;): Voi kun pääsisikin Wieniin...huokaus..Ihania kuvia ja muistan vielä nuo ihanat ruoat ja erityisesti sacher-kakkupalaset :).

    Noh, älä pidä kauaa jännityksessä...mitähän lumoavaa olet mahtanut löytää Chanelilta...:). Toki nuo muutkin kiinnostavat, joten lähempää/tarkempaa esittelyä odotellessa...

    On teillä ollut melkoinen tyttöjen reissu!

  2. What it looks so rich have the Wiener Schnitzel and Sacher Torte.
    The lamp is beautiful.
    Hugs from Madrid.

  3. That chocolate cake / tart thing-y makes me hungry for sweets... YUMMY!!


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